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The NWL Reveals Tournament Brackets for NWL KC and NWL STL Championship Title Belts



The NWL (National Wrasslin’ League) has released the tournament brackets to begin the quest for the coveted city championship belts in both wrestling leagues in Kansas City and St. Louis.


Kansas City, Missouri (PRWEB) February 02, 2017


The NWL has released the tournament brackets to begin the quest for the coveted city championship belts in both wrestling leagues in Kansas City and St. Louis. The tournament began on Read More

NWL Announces Fight Club Memberships, Including Perks, Season Passes to 26 Live Pro Wrestling Events


The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is offering fans Fight Club memberships, featuring discounted tickets to 26 live pro wrestling events in KC and St. Louis, along with exclusive perks.

Kansas City, Mo. (PRWEB) January 25, 2017

After hosting strong turnouts for its debut pro wrestling events in Kansas City and St. Louis, the National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is offering season passes in the form of Fight Club memberships, which include discounted tickets to 26 live local events, exclusive access to talent, and Club merchandise—all for as low as $15 a month in St. Louis, and $25 a month in Kansas City.

The KC-based startup pro wrestling company had originally planned to offer Fight Club KC and Fight Club STL memberships later in the year but opted to launch the program early after the overwhelming positive responses to the product from fans in both cities, says Major Baisden, League president.

“One of the objectives of the NWL at launch was to re-establish the close-knit wrestling communities that existed in KC and St. Louis throughout the ”60s, ’70s and early ’80s, when fans attended matches regularly promoted by locally owned companies,” Baisden says. “The Fight Club memberships in both cities will not only help make the fans feel part of our wrestling family but will also save them money in the process.


“Professional sports are becoming more intimate, giving fans increased access to its athletes. Pro wrestling should not be any different,” Baisden says. “We have signed some of the top talent from across the country along with the best in the Midwest to multiyear deals to give the fans a high-quality, entertaining product. We are thrilled to offer an exclusive membership program to give our die-hard fans better access to them as well as significant cost savings on tickets in the process.”

The NWL Fight Club memberships are divided into three levels to suit any fan’s budget, with prices varying slightly in each city. NWL KC fans can opt for Bronze level memberships at $25/mo. for balcony seating, join at the Silver level for $35/mo. for floor seats, or splurge on Gold Club ringside seats for $50/mo. NWL STL fans can select from the following tiers: $15 monthly GA at the Bronze level, Silver level balcony seats at $35, and $50 Gold level ringside.

Members will also enjoy special perks such as merchandise discounts and opportunities to attend special training sessions conducted at the League’s new state-of-the-art Training and Performance Center (TPC), opening in February.

Fight Club KC and Fight Club STL memberships are available now and can be purchased at Club members who have already signed up can begin taking advantage of their Fight Club status as soon as tonight’s NWL STL 7 p.m. show at the Casa Loma Ballroom at 3354 Iowa Ave. in St. Louis.

About NWL

The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is reviving the historical roots of the business. Fueled by intercity rivalries, the NWL prides itself on family-friendly, storyline-driven programming that delivers thrilling athletic action and entertaining characters.



NWL to Present First Live Wrestling Events in KC, St. Louis in January, Supported by Major Ad Campaign




NWL’s multi-platform “Wrasslin’ with Character” campaign spotlights colorful wrestlers appearing at inaugural League shows at KC’s Scottish Rite Temple and the Casa Loma Ballroom in St. Louis.

Kansas City, Mo. (PRWEB) December 21, 2016

Startup pro wrestling company NWL, LLC recently launched “Wrasslin’ With Character,” a multi-platform marketing campaign introducing some of the larger-than-life personalities who will be appearing at the League’s inaugural NWL KC and NWL STL events in January.

Seven NWL stars, including “The Mile High Magnum” Dak Draper, 6-foot-6-inch survivalist Jack Foster, former NFL lockdown corner Ray Briggs, and wine connoisseur Niles Plonk, are featured in a series of indoor ads at bars and restaurants throughout both cities as well as at the Scottrade Center for all St. Louis Blues home games this season.

The Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of NWL Corp, NWL KC and NWL STL are adding videos and photos daily that provide more in-depth looks at each grappler featured in the campaign.

The colorful character posters are complemented by humorous radio spots appearing in steady rotation on Kansas City stations 610 Sports, 810 WHB, Talk 980, 96.5 the Buzz, 98.9 the Rock and 101 the Fox, all designed to drive ticket sales to the NWL KC’s first show ever on Jan. 7 at the Scottish Rite Temple at 1330 Linwood Blvd.

NWL STL’s version of the “Wrasslin’ with Character” spots are now airing in St. Louis on 105.7 the Point, KSHE 95, and 92.3 WIL. NWL STL has also reached a deal with FM NewsTalk 97.1’s popular hosts Dave Glover and Tony Colombo to promote and recap the group’s wrestling events held every other Thursday night at the Casa Loma Ballroom, beginning with its Jan. 12 debut.

Featuring the “voices” of some of wrestling’s greatest legends, the spots are geared primarily at men 32–52 who used to enjoy pro wrestling in the ’80s and ’90s before the product became stale; however, the NWL’s modern, edgier presentation is also suitable for families.

“The campaign harkens back to the glory years of KC and St. Louis wrestling, when outrageous performers like Dick the Bruiser, King Kong Brody, Dick Murdoch and “Bulldog” Bob Brown thrilled fans throughout the territory with their unique brand of mayhem and storytelling,” says Major Baisden, League president. “This creative campaign is our way of letting fans know that the wrasslin’ they used to love is back, with exciting new characters that will deliver edgy, storyline-driven entertainment every other week in their town.”

In October, NWL KC announced a partnership with the Scottish Rite Temple, located at Linwood and Paseo in midtown Kansas City to present a full slate of live events every other Saturday night in 2017. Rival promotion NWL STL then revealed plans to run shows at the Casa Loma every other Thursday night in the heart of the Cherokee Street/Antique Row Business District in South St. Louis. Tickets for NWL KC and NWL STL events are now on sale through the TicketFly mobile app at and

“KC and St. Louis remain the best cities for professional wrestling in the country, and the NWL is proud to make our debut in these two fantastic venues that will provide an intimate, rowdy experience our fans will enjoy,” Baisden says. “Featuring a mix of the best homegrown Midwest talent and some of the hottest free agents in the country who have signed and moved to the area, the League expects NWL KC and NWL STL to thrive and fuel the flame of an already intense rivalry between the two cities.”

Baisden, a KC-based entrepreneur who sold his last startup, Iris Data Services, Inc. for $134 million in spring 2015, also announced that both promotions have finalized deals to complete their entire initial rosters, who will occasionally square off against each other and eventually compete for the League championship—and city bragging rights—at the company’s end-of-season spectacular in December.

Recent notable NWL KC signings include “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt, Thor Theriot, the Swoll Patrol, and Lakota Red Cloud. In addition to the high-profile NWL STL signings announced last week for Dez Wellston and Maverick, the promotion has also inked deals with local sensations Gary Jay, who will compete as Jay Lutz, and Davey Gibson and Matthew Grundy, formerly known as Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett, who will appear in tag-team competition as “The Blood Brothers.” Other recent NWL STL signees include “SuperSoul” Coco Rumble, Cornell Douglas and Emmett DuBois, “The Billion-Dollar Brother.”

About NWL

The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) is reviving the historical roots of the business. Fueled by intercity rivalries, the NWL prides itself on family-friendly, storyline-driven programming that delivers thrilling athletic action and entertaining characters.

Merger adds to the KC-St. Louis Sports Rivalry: Pro Wrestling

Dakota Draper & Major Baisden

Oct 31, 2016, 2:55pm CDT
Kansas City Business Journal

The National Wrasslin’ League (NWL) acquired the assets of Kansas City-based Metro Pro Wrestling to create a rivalry with a similar group it’s creating in St. Louis.

Terms were not disclosed. Metro Pro Wrestling founder Chris Gough, a former WWE Smackdown writer, will join NWL KC as the promotion’s general manager. He will oversee creative and talent relations.

“For the last five years, Metro Pro has been synonymous with professional wrestling in Kansas City,” NWL President Major Baisden said in a release. “Much of Metro’s success can be attributed to Mr. Gough, who has proven himself to be one of the most creative minds in the wrestling business. The acquisition is the perfect fit as NWL KC prepares to launch its promotion and build upon Metro Pro’s foundation of loyal fans.”

Founded by Baisden in July, NWL has been creating an organization that taps into professional wrestling’s historical roots, fueled by rivalries among wrestling groups in different cities.The ultimate goal is to create additional dual-city rivalries nationwide.

The Royal Bloods The Royal Bloods

Metro Pro was founded in 2010 as the first professional wrestling organization based in the Kansas City area to do monthly shows in 25 years. It broadcasts a one-hour TV series at 11 p.m. every Saturday on Time Warner Cable’s SportsChannel in Kansas City.

The newly merged organizations finalized an agreement with the Scottish Rite Temple in midtown Kansas City to serve as the official site for its slate of 2017 live shows, which will start Jan. 7.

“This historic venue will help provide the perfect atmosphere for fans looking for a rowdy, communal sports experience like no other,” Gough said in the release.

Before merging with Metro Pro Wrestling, NWL KC signed a multiyear deal with Sam Udell, a nationally acclaimed professional wrestler from Denver who will compete in the NWL as Dakota Draper. The NWL also signed twins Logan and Sterling Riegel of Lee’s Summit to multiyear contracts, who will compete under the names Jet and Jax Royal, with the pair being known as Royal Blood.


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